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Hope you like your Fitbit! I got the fitbit one and am really loving it. I have my goal set at 10,000 steps and find myself walking more and exercising more with it. I haven't quite figured out how it works if you do something like spinning, but all I do are the Walk at Home DVDs which are basically steps anyway. I have to input the specific exercise I do in MFP with the calories I estimate which is way more than the fitbit says I did. Maybe I shouldn't input the exercise and calories. Idk! I am not eating the extra calories it says I burned by just sitting around.

Still lots of chocolate sitting around my house as well. I hit a new low this am and was shocked! Especially to have it happen after the extras I've been eating but as I learned earlier this month if I mix up my foods and calories my body responds.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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