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Good Evening, Flowers! It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood with a high of 52 degrees! It's supposed to get colder and windier tonight with wind chill warnings. I counted gift shop money and made that deposit this morning, worked on laundry this afternoon. Bob took down our outside Christmas lights early this afternoon so as not to battle the weather later. I'm thinking maybe the tree will come down tomorrow.

"Gma" -- Good luck with the medical stuff! If it's their screw up, why should you have to pay for it? I feel for you! So far no snow. It felt like a spring day today, but it is supposed to get much colder again. Most of our snow disappeared yesterday and today.

Maggie -- Almost all of the gift shop Christmas items were gone by the time I left yesterday. There were some cute towels with spoon rests attached and they didn't sell at all. Not sure why except the towel was pretty thin. It's the kind for "looks" and not "use." I was supposed to work Monday again, as backup, but since we are going to a funeral in Sioux City, I won't be here nor would I be needed.

In the newspaper, and online, I noticed the sun is setting a minute earlier but rising at the same time for the next few days! Spring is on the way!

I have sheets in the dryer to fold and put away, then need to think about something for supper. More leftovers! Hope you all enjoy your evening.

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