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I just ordered my food and will be here jan 3 2014, I know this thread is old but im trying to navigate this site and im confused and lost, after spending a lot of time researching ws, this appears to be the only support system out there, their facebook has nothing compared to what you post, thank you ahead of time for putting the time into this. I want this to be successful and it seems this blog is the most support and you have good responses. I was on medifast 3 years ago and I went from an 18 to an 8 in like 6 months, I have had 3 foot surgerys since then and was house bound for months and just am 7 weeks post op from my last one, I have tried a couple times to restart medifast and I never make it through 2 days, I guess im burned out on the food, like I said earier I lost the mojo from it. So someone on facebook just started ws and had lost on mf also and she loves the food and is totally focused. so I ordered I figured its all new foods and maybe this will work, I feel the mojo coming with ws. so I will be looking at this site for support....I only ordered 2 weeks because I didn't want to be stuck with all this food, if I make it past the first week will order right away so I don't get stuck without meals...any good tips...oh by the way I didn't even order the bars, got the chips and pretzels, hoping the sodium from that doesn't ruin my first week
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