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Originally Posted by stephyank View Post
Hi all-very new to the program and to the thread. I have posted a few times and am so appreciative of the supportive feedback. I was doing really well, two weeks in and 5 lbs down. And then I had to travel unexpectedly to my partners father, who is not sick. I've been trying to stay OP but have had two bad days. I feel bad for throwing my body in and out of ketosis. Any tips for getting back into ketosis quickly or with minimal set backs? I am also wondering about making a soup, adding vegetables, and then refrigerating it for later. Does that work? Will it reheat ok? Thanks so much in advance. I'm really excited about working this program. In my initial first week. I was never hungry and really like the taste of all of the food. Thanks again for any support!
Welcome stephyank! I agree with Lisa, just get back to 100% and you'll be back in ketosis and losing before you know it. It's important if you slip to get right back - small slips can become day or week long slips very easily and then it's that much hard to get back to being OP.

I pre-make soups with veggies all the time and then heat them at work. Sometimes need to add a little extra water when heating and don't heat them in the shaker cup with the lid on! You can end up with a hot mess.

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