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Originally Posted by onmyway1014 View Post
I wonder if people just don't think before they talk or are they really that clueless.
Last week at a school party for my son - a woman commented that she didn't recognize me until she heard my voice. I'm getting used to that now - I hear it alot.
Another woman I didn't know joined the conversation and asked point blank how many lbs I had lost after she heard I was half the size I was last year. I said I've lost half my body weight, quite a bit. She said: But exactly how many pounds did you loose?

I was floored that she could be so rude and I just said again: I'm literally half the size I was last year: let's leave it at that.
I was horrified that she was so pushy about it and kept asking.
Some people just can't take a hint, can they? I admire your restraint!

Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
I think shows like Biggest Loser and all the articles that will be out in the January magazines have conditioned people to ask how much weight a person has lost.

I don't mind it that much because I have worked hard on this. When a person works hard on something it is nice to be noticed.
You may be right on that. And sometimes people are just curious - they don't realize that the person who lost may be sensitive to reveal just how much they weighed to begin with.

Dh bought me a new robe for Christmas and was really nervous about if it would fit - he got a medium, but said he is all confused about what size I am in clothing. He was so relieved when it fit just fine. I was thrilled - I haven't been a medium in anything in so long!

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