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Good morning to you all. It seems comfortable and not cool in the house so it must not have gotten too cold outside.

Jack took me out to our favorite italian restaurant last night and we had pasta. They have excellent sauce or gravy as the Italians like to call it. It is funny because Jack detests mushrooms and they put mushrooms in their sauce, but I have never found but one mushroom in my sauce each time we go. Last night I hit the jackpot and found two, but Jack said he found none so it balanced out. We left and ran to Krogers and it was a zoo because it was Friday night, but Jack self checked us out so it went a bit faster. We now don't have to leave the house this weekend.

Brother, I spent all morning on the phone with dr stuff. I was angry and upset by the time I was done. The clinic not only went behind my back and got a referral without talking to me first, they made the appt too and I knew nothing about it. I imagine I will get a letter from them a couple days before the appt. The woman at the clinic said they had made the appt four days ago!!! I couldn't see the same doctor because he only does afternoon appts so I had to change the appt, then call tricare and change the referral to this woman doctor at the same practice. I then had to call and leave a message about picking up my mammogram films so I have to keep the car next Friday so I can do that then my surgical consult for the biopsy is the
16th and we will go from there I guess. I have the gyn appt the 21st if the idiot referral office gets back with me. If they haven't called by Monday, Thursday they are going to get another call. You can't call the referral office, you have only one line into the clinic which is the appt line and they have to pass on the message. I also found out that even though the clinic said I needed no referral for the pharmacy or new gyn I did so I am stuck paying the bill for them both if UT Medical bills me, which they will. For out of network we have a $600 deductible and we never go out of network so I am on the hook for over $200.

Susan: Does Glory live too close to Langley to get regular doctor care instead of at the base? Our base doesn't provide for retirees so we have to see outside civilian drs. Luckily, our practice already takes Medicare patients and all Tricare so we don't have to switch practices. I am sorry she has so much trouble. Used to be a snap to get care, it isn't anymore for sure and like you said the more of the Obama crap we have to deal with the worse it is going to get. Pets are funny things and have different personalities just like people.

Jean: Hope you don't get too much snow. My friend from the first cruise lives in Kansas City, KS and she said over the holidays they got hit with snow and terrible ice. I guess the upper eastern seaboard is still without power from last weekend and the Pennsylvania turnpike had several pile ups. Jack used to travel that when he would come up to see me when we were dating and after we married when we would come to see our Indiana relatives when we lived in Va Beach. It could be awful in snowy weather. When we went to pick up our daughter in Lynchburg from college, we had the terror of our lives. We had rented a van to get all her stuff home and it was snowy and bad weather on the turnpike and it was late at night. Jack was driving at a good clip when all of a sudden in the left lane sat a car. It just sat there in the dark, no lights on. We barely missed it and I am sure someone down the line hit it. That was before cell phones and such so you couldn't call and tell someone. They had just left the car in the middle of the turnpike left lane. There were no people around at all. It was one of the scariest things we ever saw and even today talk about whether it was an hallucination but we both saw it!

Well girls, time to hit the bricks. Have a great day today. Faye
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