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Originally Posted by Diana B View Post
Hi there.....A not so new newcomer, have been off and on since losing and gaining some back, ready to go again....Lisa, you once gave me the number for my fitness pal, 900 cal. and I've forgotten the percentages you said to put in for protein, carbs, etc. can you give me the info again please
Hi Diana
IP is 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs

Originally Posted by stephyank View Post
Any tips for getting back into ketosis quickly or with minimal set backs? I am also wondering about making a soup, adding vegetables, and then refrigerating it for later. Does that work? Will it reheat ok? Thanks so much in advance. I'm really excited about working this program. In my initial first week. I was never hungry and really like the taste of all of the food. Thanks again for any support!
To get back in Ketosis, hop back on the plan and stick to it like glue.
I made soup with veggie purée for lunch M-F for my first 6 months on IP.
I cooked mine & tossed it in a thermos to eat later.
It does, however, reheat.

I'll look forward to seeing you both in the Daily Chat tread!
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