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Originally Posted by vachinyc View Post
Same here Ruth Ann and ems.

For me it is both when people go on and on about it... And when they ask 'how much have you lost' and I say about 50 lbs... It makes me feel bad, because both things mean I was kind of gross before. I know some of it is what's in my head but I'd almost prefer no one said anything

Weight is truly a weighty issue.

Happy IP day to all!
I love "weigh is truly a weighty issue"!

When anyone is rude enough to ask how much I've lost - I just look startled and say "why on earth would you ask me that?" Usually shuts them up and we go on to other subjects. I do, however, talk to people who are truly interested in losing weight or nutrition. My building manager and I had a great conversation the other day about protein, fat and carbs and exercise after he said I looked nice. And I've had several clients ask me how I was losing and a few of them have even started IP.

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