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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's a WARM 51 degrees according to the Weather Bug. It doesn't feel that warm because of the wind. I left a little early for the gift shop this morning; there wasn't a lot of Christmas items left to sell and they were all on shelves clearly marked with 50% off sale signs. There were several who asked about items not even closely related to Christmas, "are these 50% off?" Anyhow, the volunteer director scheduled three of us to work thinking one would come in this afternoon and she came this morning. There isn't enough space for three of us so I volunteered to come home and will go back in a little while. I should be able to bring the money home with me and get that deposited tomorrow morning. Otherwise, it's been a lazy day although I did do a load of laundry.

"Gma" -- I feel for you if the government succeeds in reducing Jack's Navy retirement benefit. I think the President and Congress should be the ones to take a cut in pay and benefits -- BIG time cuts! I have cleaned or done some task thinking about something else at the time, and when I finish, later wonder if I really did do the chore. That's age related or losing my multi-tasking ability. Ernie and Sonny are catching up on their missed sleep; both are snoozing in the recliner. What would happen if you would call whatever doctor, about your headache, every hour and be a pest about getting some sort of answer from someone? This is beyond ridiculous!

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread again! Our very first cat would head to the closet or under the bed whenever anyone outside of family would come. She did like my mom though, because my mom got up early and would feed her. Every cat we've ever had has had a different personality, just like people. Have fun at English Paper Piecing!

I need to change back into my morning slacks and head back to the gift shop for a couple hours. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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