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Default **25lb First Day of Spring Challenge**

Okay, while it kind of feels like spring here - except for the 3 or so feet of snow - let's get started on our next challenge!

I thought we could start for January 1st but the first weigh-in listed is for the week of January 5th, which means these numbers may be the same for a lot of people but that's just how the weeks fall.

So - if you want to join in - send me a PM, if you can, with your email address and I'll add you to the spreadsheet and send you the link. It will come from a Yahoo email address.

If you can't PM yet - haven't been on 3FC for 20 days and have 20 posts - you can list your email address here but it's recommended that you use "at" instead of the "@" symbol because you will get spam.

Today is my son's birthday and tomorrow he starts a hockey tournament so I apologize if I'm a little slow responding but I will respond when I can!

Good luck everyone!
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