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Thanks Skelley!
Just a few leftovers left at my house, but I think I'm done with eating them.
Yesterday we had a leftover dinner but I didn't eat to the point of misery, as I did on Christmas. But I still ate a lot. One interesting thing is I decided to try to put it in MFP. And although I was at approx 2000 calories it said in 5 weeks I would weigh 3 pounds less if I ate like this every day. This was a lesson for me because in the past I would just say to myself. Ok I blew it so just finish off all sweets in the house, and in fact buy more because the new diet will start in a few days. But this showed me I can eat a lot some days and it isn't going to ruin the diet. I have been exercising more, walking an extra mile, and just generally active. I'm off work next week so I will keep up the extra exercising next week as well!

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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