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Originally Posted by ems70508 View Post
Too funny. My dad is similar. In the end, I know I'm on IP for myself and it'll only help me and my confidence and goals in life, etc. I'm at the point where I don't want the people close to me to keep saying "You look soooo great! Keep it up!" because it makes me so aware that before, they didn't think that. I'm so used to not being in the limelight about my appearance that when people bring it up, I want to just sneak away from the conversation.
I guess it just really makes me wonder how bad they looked at me before and that's embarrassing. So I'd rather not call attention to it. Does that make sense?
Exactly Ems! I wonder the same thing when people constantly call attention to how I look. I don't like the limelight and if someone wants to say something nice they can, but let's not turn the whole conversation into how fabulous I look now as opposed to before. Makes me feel like they are carrying "before" and "after" pics of me in their head.

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