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Height: 5" 5.5


Day 8 and I'm still on the wagon and no binges!!!

Weight 225.4 - broke down and weighed today.

B: Bagel thin w/ 1 tbsp cream cheese, banana, coffee w/ 1/2 C milk & flav creamer
L: Lean Cuisine, 100 cal pk of yogurt pretzels
D: Lean Cuisine Pizza, salad w/ dressing
S: 2 clementines, mini box raisins, 2 100 cal pringles, tea
Exercise: brief walk

Mini Goals - Lose 10% of my weight:
Reach Onederland:
Jiggle Free Abs:
Reach 50 Pound Loss Mark:
Comfortably Fit a Size 12:
A for every 5 pounds lost:

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