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Originally Posted by pamatga View Post
I respect each and everyone of you in the choices that you have made for yourself. It is not easy to turn a deaf ear nor blind eye to all of the cultural "persuasions" out there. Hopefully, you will be like me and when you become an older person, you will realize that what you thought, said and did matters more than anyone else's opinions, statements or fact, it always did.

Wow Pam...that was a beautiful post. Made me think of my own experiences. I am in my 20s, so I guess that that doesn't make me an "older" person, but I no longer speak to my narcissist family and I can't believe how empowered I feel in comparison to me a few years ago. Heck, looking at past posts shocks me. It is a slow process to work through the emotions and sometimes, I still feel insecure and scared, but reading this helped believe in myself more.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."
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