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While its a wonderful time of year for other reasons, I'm so relieved that holidays are almost over, there is so much pressure to eat! Sassyblonde, I'm pretty new at this too so I'm not much help- and it seems people have quite different intermittent fasting regimes. I'm trying to stick to alternate days fasting, with the "fast" day at 200-500 calories eaten sometime in the late afternoon or early evening. So thats 3 or 4 fast days a week - but I don't sweat it if I eat normal 2 or even 3 days in a row - just fast the next day. I dont get the sense of falling off the bandwagon or failure - that's what's nice. Takes a lot of pressure off. Fast days are not easy, and sometimes its hard to concentrate at work - but I hear they get easier with time. Its comforting to know that one can eat the next day. I drink herbal teas or clear broth to get through the tough hours when my stomach is grumbling .
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