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Summer 2014 goal 150 lbs
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I understand, when I started dating my boyfriend who I just recently broke up with after 5 years, we did nothing but eat and eat and eat, and eat TONS of fast food and junk!! I weighed 145lbs when I met him, my highest weight I got to was whopping 258 lbs!... I couldn't do it anymore... our lives were just not going where we wanted them to go... so I called it quits... but you should think this... a moment on my lips... forever on my hips... just try and stop before you eat something, and say.. do I really need this??? That helps me... Im now down to 250.5 lbs... I haven't seen 240's in a long time and I cant wait to get there.. my goal by the end of 2014 is 150 lbs, and going into the police academy like I should have done when I was fit... but instead got caught up in the romance at such a young age!! Good luck!

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