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Where is everyone? I am off work until Friday and I have to work half a day but I can do it at home.

I showed a loss at TOPS last Thursday. I showed a 9 lb loss for the year. I am embarrassed about that. It was our last weigh in until Jan 2 2014. I am determined to have a loss on Jan 2 and my goal for the year is 40 lbs.

That is a lot of work ahead of me but I am getting to the point where it is getting serious. I went to the doctor for a skin issue today and it is because of my weight. The doctor had a serious talk with me. She was kind and while it was about it and approached it that I am important and I need to take care of myself and owe it to myself, it all comes down to I am know letting or not able to stop my weight from negatively affect my quality of life.

I hope you all are doing ok and that you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.
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