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Good morning everyone. This morning I hit my goal. 80lbs gone. So I'm going to take a moment to enjoy it and reflect on my experience.......ok, now that's over. I've been teetering back and forth on whether to stop or keep going for about 3 weeks now. Last week, I decided that when I hit my original goal of 80 lbs, that I would give myself 5 more weeks to loose an additional 25 lbs. This will bring me down at an even 200 lbs and in the event that after I have stopped the Ideal Protein and resumed "normal" eating habits I gain 15 or 20lbs back, I will be in a lot better shape that if I stopped now. But I don't plan on gaining that much back!

Some I noticed this past week. I've been getting a little dizzy and light headed when I get up too fast or if I am bending over and stand up too quickly. I was evening a little light headed when we were out shopping this weekend. I am hoping this will pass. I experienced a little bit of this around week 5 and 6.

I hope everyone has a good day. Only 2 days till Christmas! Oh and for all the Seinfeld fans, Happy Festivus!!!
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