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Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
Avalon, can you help those of us who are technically challenged with how to get the pictures side by side? Please
Slipfree, if you send me a PM with the location (URL) where I can grab your before and after pic, I will make a nice side by side for you. No problem. I do all that graphics work in Adobe Photoshop, but any good graphics package will allow that sort of editing.

Hillary, here you go ... download this image to your computer (by right mouse clicking on it, and selecting SAVE AS or SAVE IMAGE AS) and you'll have a nice side-by-side image! The only hard part of this sort of edit is putting both images into the same scale (since the camera was at a different distance and angle in the two images). The best way to synchronize the scale is match up the height of the head (from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin) in the two photos. Once that matches, both photos are at very close to the same scale and you can compare them side by side. People generally don't lose height in their heads when dieting (unless their hair changed!) so that makes the perfect reference (anchor) point.

In any case, Hillary, you look fabulous!

HilaryJH's Before and NearlyToGoal (reworked into a side by side)
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