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I agree and disagree.

1. The idea that we should stop giving meds for BP unless there is a severe problem.. yup... good on that. In general I think everyone should really reconsider their meds.

2. But I don't want people thinking BP is just fine at 150. The basic problem is that the higher the blood pressure the more stress on your heart and... over many years... can lead to heart dysfunction. I know.. my mom was none too happy when she got heart failure due to poorly controlled BP. Thought once she got the BP down things corrected pretty well. For some reason IMHO doctors don't explain this danger.

I also don't particularly trust the "readings" of BP. My doctors are all over the place on measurement and I can see people getting readings like 140 at the doctor's office and thinking they are ok. When it could be much greater than that.

The focus needs to be one why BP is so high. Supplements that work to get it down. Getting it down without meds.
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