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I've found this to be my experience. Especially if you have a high carb diet for a long time. And low carb high carb goes way beyond even that article.

I think it is very common for people on high carb diets to be hungry all the time because they are storing calories not using them. I used to have 1700 HUNDRED fast food meals with a ton of carbs and be hungry again in less than 2 hours.

Carbs also made me very lethargic. Does it really take a genius either individually or a society to say wow here is a 500 calorie meal that provides good nutrition, feelings of fullness for hours, and makes the person feel energized but you know this 500 calories that leads to massive hunger and extreme tiredness is the same. 500 calories equals 500 calories.

To me it is insane for anyone in this field to keep ignoring how many people are affected by carb cravings for more when they eat carbs.

There was absolutely no way I could have lost weight without reducing carbs as my big diet goal. Why? As I said they make me REALLY hungry when I eat them. And I am Far from the only one.

So how do you get a handle on losing weight if you are hungry and tired all the time? You expirement with what might be the main thing and see if targeting that works and it did for me. IMO if Americans got a handle on breads, pasta, potatoes, ice cream, candy, even whole grain stuff we would see a nation transformed.

Low carb is not a fad. Targeting fats instead of sugar and carbs by government and popular society as the culprit 40-50 years ago sent America down the obesity rabbit hole. It not only effects the eating but exercise also by making so many so tired. Double whammy. Actually triple. Makes many so hungry they turn into over eaters.

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