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I kind of said the same thing in the other thread already, but I suppose there's no harm in repeating :-)

I agree with the hotness that is Riestrella; cast the shame away. It's a pointless exercise if you just hold onto it. Everyone has done something that we later regret, but the only way out is to acknowledge that it happened, hopefully learn from it, and then move on. If we didn't learn our lesson, then we'll probably repeat the same mistake again. Then we try again and again until we get there :-)

It is also good to remember that your weight does not define you or your worth as a person. Neither do successes nor failures. I personally find people who've gone through trials and tribulations much more intriguing than those who never accept or show their fallible humanity.

Also, interestingly when you stop caring about the weight and start really caring about yourself (instead of telling yourself that you're wrong and need to be ashamed), you'll automagically begin to make choices that lead you to where you need to be. So, upwards and onwards!
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