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Talking Truly Thursday


Santa must sure not like me at all this year. Will ordered a bow for me last month from a local shop and found out today it won’t be here until mid January. Good thing is he gets it for the price it was when he ordered it and it will be about a hundred dollars more in cost next year. At least the special arrows he ordered made up and the hand guard did come in and I do have the arm guard. I’m not really bummed because I wouldn’t be able to use the bow until after then anyway for the weather won’t be good. If he wants a take-down one like it he will have to order it in April probably. Mine will be a take-down bow and he has one now that isn’t but I imagine after I get mine he will want one like kinda like it.

Will came in with some ger-prizes for me. Since I won’t get my bow until after the New Year he got me a kids re-curve bow with 3 arrows that have rubber suckson cups on the end and a Daisy Red Rider BB gun with 1500 BBs. The gun is because the 22 handgun he bought me for my birthday is still in the shop being worked on. He also brought me a bottle of Opium which is my favorite fragrance that I wear each day and it is a tradition to have it for my anniversary present. I love my smell good stuff and new bow and BB gun. Will had one just like it when he was 8 years old.

We so far have gotten 3 gift cards for Applebee’s and 2 for I-Hop that came in nice Christmas cards. The two charms I ordered came and I now have the” Never, Never, Never Give Up” and on the back it says Winston Churchill. The little telescope is actually way too big for my bracelet but does make a nice necklace.

An insurance guy gave Will a book which is called The Art of the Cookie by Shelly Kaldunski ~ just what I need is a cook book filled with nothing but cookie recipes. It says to craft beautiful and delicious cookies to savor and share. If I made any I would have to be making them to give away for they don't have any nutritional information with the recipes. The pictures are luscious and inviting though and a nice looking book for the insurance company to give away. I have a nice little paperback booklet put out by WW called Best Ever Desserts and lots of yummy recipes clipped from Cooking Light magazine which do have the nutritional information in the recipes. I could find out the points+ values in this book if I wanted to but know the points value would be too high to make me want to eat any of them. It is a nice "give away" from the insurance company none the less.

DONNA FAYE What an ordeal you are going through with that headache. Do you suppose it is a migraine? They are known to last for several days and can be quite severe. When I first feel one coming on I found if I take a couple of Vanquish, which I get over the counter, it keeps the pain away. My doctor, years ago, told me that I would find a medicine over the counter that would work for my headaches since I hated taking the prescribed ones for they made me feel goofy. I like to keep a nice Hot Chocolate Mix on hand especially in the colder weather. I got the recipe out of my Splenda® Recipe Book by Marlene Koch. Here it is in case you don’t have this recipe.
1 cup nonfat dry milk powder
˝ cup nondairy dry creamer
⅔ cup Dutch-process cocoa powder
⅔ cup Splenda Granular®

1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together
2. Place in an airtight container
3. To serve, stir 3 tablespoons of the dry mix
into 6 ounces very hot water & stir

Per Serving (3 Tablespoons)
Calories 50
Carbohydrate 8 grams
Protein 3 grams
Fat 1.5 grams (1 saturated)
Fiber 1 gram
Sodium 30 milligrams
Diabetic exchange = ˝ carbohydrate
WW point + comparison = 1 point

JEAN Sounds like quite a open house party those folks are putting on for their friends. I hope you can soon figure out what is causing that skin rash you have and get it treated. Since you have done nothing different it is one of those weird things that just happen and leave a person guessing. Not a fun thing for sure. I had to cut my long luscious fingernails off this morning because somehow I had broken one back a bit beyond where it was growing at the tip of the finger. All long and one short makes it look odd. I have some mending stuff but with this break it wouldn't work well at all. They will all grow out again but they sure feel strange being so short.

Have a great afternoon/evening my friends.
Always remember ~ A setback is only a setup for a comeback.



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