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Default Challenge to Pick Myself Up, Get Back On the Wagon and Stay on the Wagon

I have been on and off my plan since May. I did really good for the first few months of the year but life got in the way and I lost control and have not been able to stay on track since. I have finally reached my limit and my all time highest weight (235.6). I am ready to get back on track and take better care of my body. I am totally miserable and I know that the only way to change this is to eat right and exercise and get my weight down.

I am challenging myself to stay on track one day at a time. Today is the first day and I am going to have a great day.

Here is what my day will be like...

Day 1

B: Bagel thin, 1 tbsp cream cheese, coffee w/ 1/2 C skim milk (done)
L: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer, 1 pc Dove dark choc (done)
S: Clementine, banana, Yo Crunch 100 Cal Yogurt, 4 Fig Newtons, cup hot chocolate w. 1/2 C skim milk (done)
D: Progresso Heart Healthy Black Bean Soup, 1 tbs sour cream, Bagel Thin, 100 Cal Yogurt Pretzels (done)
Exercise: Walked 2 miles, Yard work

If anyone else is struggling to stay on the wagon, feel free to join me in this challenge. I need all the encouragement I can get right now.

Mini Goals - Lose 10% of my weight:
Reach Onederland:
Jiggle Free Abs:
Reach 50 Pound Loss Mark:
Comfortably Fit a Size 12:
A for every 5 pounds lost:

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