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Good morning ladies. As you can see, it is near 2 AM and here I sit. My pharmacy dr called me back and said she had talked with my regular dr and they were highly concerned and they wanted me to go to the ER. She said Lantus only causes headaches in people whose blood sugar is low and since mine wasn't (I did an extra test during the day and it was fine) so I texted Jack and he zoomed home early (which he didn't really have to do) and we spent the next 5 hours in the ER. They took blood and the guy hit a big vein and before he could attach the tubes for the blood, I had blood pouring out of my arm down it and all over my shirt and jeans and onto the floor. I showed him for poking me! I had a cat scan, they checked my heart and sinuses and neck etc and nothing. Lying in the hall waiting for someone to take me back to the ER after the Cat Scan they pushed up a very elderly black lady with her daughter. Her daughter was so sweet and ask me if I was ok and was very pleasant. Poor thing had a hip replaced and she looked to be about 90 or so and just layed there. I guess she was developing pressure sores so they wanted to scan them to see how deep they were getting. God Bless her daughter. She had the old lady dressed up for sure. She had on hospital gown, but she had fancy fuzzy sleepers peeking out under the sheet and had a leopard skin hat/scarf combo and big earrings so she wasn't going to be a plain jane in the hospital for sure! When they came to take me back she walked up and patted my shoulder an wished me happy holiday and said santa would be to my house soon. I told her I wasn't so sure because I had been naughty this year and might get coal in my stocking. She just laughed as did the young man who wheeled me back to my room. I had all my clothing on including shoes and I whacked the poor kid a good one with my shoe when he wheeled me into the room. I profusely apologized, but I imagine his knuckles stung. They sent me home with a migraine med. I woke up at 1:30 with the headache so I took one of the meds they gave me and am waiting for the headache to go away if it does. I am not sure as the stuff is a barbituate combined with tylenol and caffeine and it put me to sleep so I am not sure the headache ever really went away. We shall see what the next step is as I am going to make an appt to see my regular dr in the morning. I probably won't get in to see her for at least 2 weeks or so and I am supposed to make an appt with the scheduling nurse to go in to see my gyno since my blood glucose stays ok they can proceed with my hysterectomy.

I am not up to about 7 cards and thank you, Jean for the cute cat card, btw. Jack knew who you were because I talk about all of you all the time.

I am probably going to sit and knit for a bit until I feel a bit better or they make me sleepy again.

Maggie: Have you ever made the Splenda hot cocoa mix? I think I am going to make that so that I can get my milk in during the day. I am supposed to have two servings and the only thing considered milk is yogurt and milk pretty much. Cheeses, cream cheese, sour cream and such is considered carbs on the list. I bought FF milk, but I couldn't use it up fast enough before it went bad and Jack won't drink it. He drinks 2%. I just wondered if you liked it if you ever made it before. I am going to get the ff dry milk and creamer and cocoa and make up a batch and see if I like it I think. I do like hot cocoa. I don't know about the mug, but I know what a french press is for coffee. In fact, Jack and I watched a show on one of the cooking channels all about coffee and the different way to brew it an such. Jack has a Keurig that he really likes. He likes the flavored creamers to put in his coffee and even said he was going to take some on the cruise next year so he could put it in coffee from the ship, which is actually free unlike anything else you want to drink on the ship. Do those cranberry/white choc cookies freeze well do you know? Jack wouldn't eat them and I would like to make them and freeze them in baggies. TX

Jean: It got into the low 60's here yesterday, in fact I didn't even wear a jacket to the hospital. I took one and threw it into the back seat in case it was cool when we came out. We seem to be going to have nice temps until Sunday then back into the 40's, which is better than the 20's, which we were having for awhile. We have commissary this weekend and of course ti is going to rain. We can now park in handicap though so it will be closer to the store and we may not get totally soaked. Jack always lets me out at the store entrance as they have a big median strip with planter and such between the parking lot and the store and have a drive through to pick up groceries so he lets me off there.

Well, I guess I will go sit and knit for a bit if my head allows it. I noticed a bit of stiffness in my shoulder so probably slept wrong too, which doesn't help. Have a great day and great weekend. Faye

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