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when do we stop acting out of self-loathing/hatred and start acting out of self-love? In general, we're far kinder and gentler with everyone other than ourselves. we would NEVER emotionally beat up a friend who ate a piece of cake as the first 'diet break' in a month. We wouldn't call that person a fat pig, or out of control, or all sorts of other hateful, judgemental names. Yet, we often do that to ourselves.

and WE LET OTHERS OUT THERE do this to us so that sometimes all we hear is 'you're a horrible failure, fatfatfat, worthless, shouldn't be allowed to work, or appear in public,' etc, etc, etc.

There's a huge difference between giving up and self-acceptance. And self-acceptance includes embracing both the great points of ourselves AND the areas in which we can improve.

just my two cents.
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