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S/C/G: see ticker (in kg)

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And I've found the reason why my weightloss has slowed down, my BMR is now lower than the average adult intake that is advertised around Australia. My new BMR is about 1911 kcal, so no more losing much weight by food calorie deficit .

I'm still going to stick to 6-8 hour eating window when i can over the hollidays and keep getting my 3 days exercise in a week, i went for a walk yesterday and figured i might as well jog sometime and run too which was great as I was actually able to run a fair distance in the extreme heat that was going on. My legs are definitely having a hard time getting used to me running but they will get better, the quarter mile hill on a 30 degree incline is a killer to go up going home though as my legs where dead.

Just slowly shedding fat 'til i like what i see.

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