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Hi there!

I struggle with overeating and binge eating too, it used to be much worse for me but I have become better with it, I do have some tough days though. What helps me is to stop during the overeating, pause and check in with myself as to why I am overeating. I will have a glass of water, I personally like the Dasani Drops water flavoring with zero calories, it fills me up. A lot of soups that are broth based by Progresso and hot herbal tea fills me up too. Also I'll chew gum to distract myself or engage in another activity such as walking.

Good luck with this. I find that diets only make this problem worse because they are restricting and then I crave certain foods more. It is helpful for me to talk about my overeating with my therapist and address the underlying emotional issues.

Take care and consider not bringing a lot of the 'binge foods' home because then it kind of sets up to want to eat them.

Also, the Chicks in Control forum has a lot of posts on this.

I wish you the best!

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