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Originally Posted by busybeejelena View Post
For me, the moment I stopped attaching that my binging is due to emotions but strictly a habit, I stopped binging. I also stopped smoking. While I always tried to think about emotions and what was wrong that is when I overate. Go figure. I still think it is just a habit coz skinny people are emotional too and messed up and still dont over-eat because bunch of them never went on a diet.
I'm going to put this bluntly. You are wrong. Its not just a habit. Your idea that skinny people are emtional too doesn't prove your opinion. It is absolutely emotional for some people, they may use food to better deal with emotions. Food is not the only thing people use to deal with emotions. Some people drink alcohol, so smoke, some use drugs, some exercise, and I'm sure there are many ways people have learned to cope with emotions. Even the emtions that are being dealt with vary from person to person. For some they eat to deal with feelings of sadness, for some it might be anxiety...everyone is different. The skinny person you see might not use food, they might use something else....and of course there are those people that have heathy ways to deal with unwanted emotions.

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