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Good morning to you all! It is going to be nice and warm here today and by Saturday be in the low 70's for one day then it will dip back into the upper 40's.

I put a call into my PEM group because I have developed some pretty awful headaches from the insulin and they won't go away. I had Jack get me some Aleve yesterday and that doesn't work either. I think I may have to change to Levamir, which is a 12 hours versus 24 hour extended release. That would mean an extra dose I imagine, but who knows. All I know is I can't stand these darn headaches.

Well, I see as usual Christians are not allowed to express their opinions about anything. They have suspended Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty indefinitely for statements he made in a GQ interview. I think they don't know who they are messing with though and he isn't going to take back the statements he made. I am kind of sick and tired of all this being one sided. People still have the right to express their opinion and if I were him, I would sue A and E for civil rights violation. A and E people are stupid. The people that watch this show and buy the products are family oriented, country, redneck, conservative folks and they aren't going to quit buying the products. It didn't work for Chickfilet and it definitely won't work with this family. They are very close and I see them telling A and E to stuff it. This is their number one show and when the whole family stands behind him and refuses to go on with the show I imagine they will change their minds. Ratings will top anything else with tv channels.

Still plugging along on the sweater. I need to start a new project though as I get bored working the sweater all the time and I have plenty of time to complete it.

Jean: The problem with my endometrial stuff is they can't do a "burning" of the tissue with novasure because my uterus is too long. I am fed up with going every few months into the hospital for a d and c. I just want it out and over with. The hospital never sent me the first results of my mammogram, but they were johnny on the spot to send me a letter saying I had an abnormal mammogram. If I hadn't talked with people there this darn letter would have scared me to death. They make it sound like my breasts are full of cancer and all it is are a couple of very tiny calcium spots. I am waiting to hear from my doctor how she wants to handle it, but if I haven't heard from her by Christmas I guess I will make an appt and go in and see what she wants to do. I am so sick of stupid doctors!!!

Susan: I'm sorry, I thought I had posted that I received the books and thanked you for them. I do thank you as they are great cookbooks. I don't know how much I can use them for meals for both of us, but I sure can for the one person meals, which is great. Jack is so picky.

Maggie: Sounds like your gift giving is keeping you busy. I sent out my last three cards yesterday so I am done. So far, I have gotten 3 cards and I sent out 25!

Everyone have a great day. I have to get off the computer as this headache is killing me. Faye

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