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I LOVE LOVE LOVE how many are either taking up WS or starting it back up. (And the Mocha is one of my personal favorites too!)

Lyn-I used WS at first b/c it was SO much easier than counting calories. Now, calorie counting is easier, and WS is just when I am lazy. Actually, I like food. A LOT. So, calorie counting is more of a "normal" food thing. That being said, I still have my shake and my caramel pecan bar daily...YUM! And others, depending on the day.

christine - It is always easier to start than to stop and restart. Just know that going in and be prepared for the mental mind **** that will present. If you are ready for it, it will be SO much easier. I take diet breaks about once every two months for about 2-3 days. It SUCKS going back on plan, but I know, I have to. My diet breaks keep it real for me. And remind me that the junk I put in my body is really that. I'm READY to go back on plan after a day or two of eating junk. I feel so gross afterwards!

Persistent - totally doable to lose the 100+ pounds. I can barely wait till I hit my big 100. and 90% of it was thanks to WS and just sticking with it. Whereas your plan might not be for everyone, it works for you. And that is ALL that matters. The plan that works for you is the plan you need to do. For example, I take diet breaks. Not everyone can or should do that. But if I didn't, I would have stopped a long time ago due to burn out. So, keep doing it. And don't give up

Stage 1: Mini Goal 1: 265 pounds - complete 1/12/13; Mini Goal 2: 250 pounds - complete 4/17/13; Mini Goal 3: 225 pounds - completed 10/21/13
Stage 2: Moderate Obesity BMI - completed 11/26/13; ONDERLAND; Overweight BMI
Stage 3: work in progress

One for every 10 pounds lost:
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