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Hi! This is my second post on this site. I just wanted to chime in here.

I was previously on Wonderslim back in 2008 and lost about 25 pounds. I went off the program because I couldn't afford the product and was tired of being on a liquid diet. I was okay for about 4 years and then I gained what I lost, and then a bit more, due to a unusually stressful life situation.

I started back on the Wonderslim diet this past August and have lost 25 pounds so far. I find it very hard to remain on the diet on the weekends. So, I take a break on the weekend, eating high protein, low fat and carb foods, and then get right back to it on Monday. That's not for everyone, but it's working for me, albeit slowing down my overall rate of loss. During the week it's easy because I am at work and have little to no access to food that is outside of the diet and I have the benefit of a predictable, daily routine. As my name says, "Persistent" is the name of the game. If I get discouraged and quit (like I did before) I will either stay the same or gain more weight-I know this. So, I pick myself up and move forward and stash the guilt. It does me no good here.

I consume 5 Wonderslim meals a day (favorite is the Mocha shake) and then 1 lean and green meal (mirroring the Medifast plan guidelines). I take a multivitamin each day and I exercise 3 to 5 days per week for 20 minutes each time (cardio). My goal is to lose a total of 100 more pounds, so I have a way to go.


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