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Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
First, congratulations on the loss and the fancy dress - I do not have any such things in my closet and know that will be one thing I am looking forward to getting - some day.

I did have the issue of BMI come up yesterday during my annual physical. My doctor and I talked a while about it and he agreed that my goal weight was OK for me even though it technically had a higher BMI than some think it ideal.

Part of it is age (don't know yours but my is advanced!) and part of it is some medical studies that have shown that people with slightly higher BMI's actually have a longer life span than those in the area lower than 25%.

Now, of course there are studies that show all sorts of different results about almost everything but after talking to him, he felt that the 25% I should hit was OK. I want a reasonable weight and BMI - I am not looking to reinvent my youth or Twiggy. Once I get there, I will see how I feel but knowing the doctor is happy with my goal I enough for me.
Thanks for this - i'm 53 and my BMI isn't the problem it's the fat % - 36.1. She says for my height and build, it should be under 35 and she thought 8 more lbs should do it. DH is freaking out, thinks I'm getting too slim, but I'm ok, no ribs or hip bones sticking out. My bigger fear is whether I can keep it off, you know? I spent my 20's and early 30's at the new goal weight so it's not super skinny for me or a weight I've never maintained, but wow, it's been a long time!
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