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Hi. I'm home with a cold today. Usually I keep going, but I've had a fever off and on so I thought it best to stay home.

I'm working a bit from home this AM; I am a morning person and I had a good nights sleep so I'll do what I can and then nap this afternoon and take 1/2 a sick day.

I just had some hot chocolate and it was so good.

DH's appointment yesterday was very informative. He told us to think about the information he gave to us and then call back and let his nurse know what we want to do. He told us if we choose the ablation it can't be done for at least 6 weeks and maybe longer with his schedule. So, we decided to think about it, get more information and then decide. We are leaning towards it to give it a try but want to be sure. He told us even if we didn't do anything but keep DH on the blood thinners, he felt that DH would have a very long and normal life. But if it was him, he would want to try the ablation to be back in normal rhythm if he could.

Hoping you all pop in and post.
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