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Good morning to you all. I am looking forward to 60 degree temps by the end of the week, though we will be getting more rain. Our deck is a mess, but seems like every time we plan on going to work on it, it rains and the leaves are too wet to mess with.

The one thing about knitting a sweater is progress is slow, especially when you knit plus sizes. It looks nice so far, but I am anxious to get it done and there just isn't a way to get it done fast.

I noticed we got a cost of living increase from the government on our Navy pay for next year, so you ladies should see a tiny increase on your SS I would imagine. We netted $22. I told Jack we now could afford to go on that fancy vacation.

Jack just left for work a few minutes ago and I am going to do more work upstairs today. The spare bedroom is a mess and needs to be straightened up and I really need to dust upstairs. I should just take all the stuff off of everything and get rid of it and give it to Good Will or something. It just collects dust. I need to start doing that for the downstairs too, just keeping what I really want and getting rid of all the other stuff.

Susan: I keep seeing commercials trying to encourage medical professionals to consider joining the VA hospitals and they show them all updated and fancey and what not and they absolutely are not. They are terrible in my opinion and I think it is horrible that our vets get treated that way. The ones I have been to are not only cut rate medical care, but gray or dark green and drab and smelly and disgusting. I think it is wonderful you are going to give quilts to the nursing home. My niece is a twin actually. She has a twin brother. Luke is a little doll and I have never seen him in person, ever. I rarely see my niece and her husband. Last time I saw them was when my son got married and that was almost 10 years ago. They live in Californian and don't come east much.

Jean: I have a thumb I dislocated on my right hand when I fell and messed up my knee originally way back in the 90's and it will start to ache sometimes if I knit for too long or do other things which can put stress on it. Did you ever finish your afghan? Does Bob store his "toys" somewhere as I wouldn't think you have enough room at your house to put them all. Are you all ready for Christmas? I can't believe it is next week. Thomas's presents are still sitting on the floor in the dining room with the bag with the paper rolls and the bag with the bows on the floor next to it. I guess I have to get on the ball and get them wrapped. I haven't heard from my dd as to what she wants to do for Christmas Eve yet.

Maggie: Oooh, I bet the cranberry cookie recipe would be good with dark chocolate or cherry bits and dark chocolate. I know my FB page always has tons of recipes that people post on it. They have one with pork chops in the crockpot and powdered ranch dressing and cream of chicken soup in it that looks good.

I guess I should go. I am doing laundry again today. Sure seems I do an awful lot of laundry for just two people and I hang around in old clothes most of the time when I am home. You all have a good Tuesday. Faye
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