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maile I was wrapping presents last night and thinking about your tree and how I don't have one. A few of VIP's presents are in big boxes so I'm going to pile them all up and buy a little fake tree at WalMart today (those ones that are 8-12 inches high - has to be fake or my cats will eat it) and put it on top of all the presents and take a picture HAHA!

Lizzy Due date, depends on who you listen to, by me 30 May by Ultra Sound 26 May. I think I have to go with the ultra sound because that's what the doc will use. So I just say "last week in May sometime".

FitMom My mom and I discussed holiday baking too and we're going to try to keep it to a minimum, she makes these fabulous paleo crackers from almond flour that I specifically requested. Everyone in my fam but my auntie will be ok with that. She'll show up with piles of baking, she's that person that encourages you to take three more squares so she can too. Meh,

Maxxy 1 lbs after two parties is a pretty good victory, I doubt you'd need a few days of Phase 1 Well done!

dak1lls I can tell ya that VIP doesn't think I'm always positive HAHA! My alternate personality is "PEGGY" - shes the one that can get quite angry. Pregnant peggy is something to behold.

Hope you all have a great day!

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