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Good morning to you all. We are going to reach the 50's today which is alright with me for sure. My son and his family are getting at least 2-4" more today and they had a major snow storm just a few days ago so lots of fun sledding and such, but not so much driving, etc. I remember going tobaggoning behind my youth leader's house in high school. What fun that was.

The sweater is coming along. I do what I can until it starts bothering my hands then I put it down for awhile. For some reason and I can't figure out why except maybe because I knit left handed, my "holes" in the sweater line up in a straight line instead of one on the left and one on the right. It did that on the other color too and I could never figure out why mine didn't do sort of the zig zag like the pattern. I haven't done anything wrong so my sweater is just going to have them in a straight line!

Jean: Glad you got my card. Jack and I chuckled about Bob wondering who the heck the strangers were that sent you two a Christmas card. I have three more to send as my dil sent me her mom and sister's address then I am done as I have no more cards. It is always hard when you want to have everyone at your house, but it is just impossible. I gave up trying to have anything here because I would have to put up a table in the living room so we could all eat together then it was so cramped you couldn't move. I didn't have enough chairs either so someone would have to sit on the couch with a tray table. Kelly has a nice big house so we go to hers.

Maggie: I wear white pants, capris and shorts, but never wear the thin fabric. If it is going to show the undies then it is a no no.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to go and dust the furniture then head upstairs and put away laundry and straighten up the upstairs and clean a bit maybe. Faye
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