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S/C/G: see ticker (in kg)

Height: 6' 3"


So it turns out that spending all of Friday helping my brother move house while fasted and a good few hours of Saturday walking around a big city shopping center fasted helped stabilize that weight back down, down 0.5kg since since a week ago.

Just started back up some exercise today and the old raceway by me has some nice hills and scenery so it should make for a good hour of exercise a day, although the 50 degree incline quarter mile hill to get back home is a "great" way to end haha. Also the area has a bunch of mountain paths that would be atleast a 30 degree incline so i may venture up them every now and then.

Also thought i would leave my NSV from my shopping here, managed to buy myself a few pairs of shorts in size 36" waist and Large shirts. Not sure what size waist i started at as all my old clothes are at home but i can remember having size 46" and possible 48" at some time, shirts i know that i started as a 3XL so this is like mind blowing when i think about it.

Just slowly shedding fat 'til i like what i see.

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