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Well, I started by cutting off al kind of sugars, soda and junk food.
I dedicated my time to prepare my meals wich basically consisted in the morning a bowl of cereal with skim milk or yugurt with fruit. In the afternoon a plate of vegetables and a little portion of meat (breast chicken, tuna) or a salad made by vegetables, meat and pasta.
For dinner I often had a cereal or a protein mix.
That combined with 5x exercise made me lose 50 lbs
I had a really difficult time losing the rest, I became vegeterian so I eat more vegetables and fruits

Goal 1: Halfway (217 lbs) ACHIVED 05/13/12
Goal 2: Onederland and BMI overweight (199 lbs) ACHIVED 12/08/13
Goal 3: Out of the 190's
Goal 4: Out of the 180's
Goal 5: Ideal weight ( 170 lbs)
Ultimate goal weight: 150

Next minigoal
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