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Originally Posted by carolr3639 View Post
3mi party songs. I got new shoes........Sketchers Night Owls........I love them. Anyone else have shoes that they love?
Oh how fun! I'm like you I get excited about little things like that. I've had my New Balances since August and they are holding up well, but I was wondering how I would know if I needed to replace them because they have logged many miles by now. They still feel good though.

I am going to get some new exercise clothes, whenever I get to Target next. The exercise pants I bought back in July are really big now! (I can't BELIEVE that). They are just Target exercise pants, I guess called Yoga pants. Apparently in the 23 years in which I never exercised they came out with a lot of soft, fun, high-tech exercise clothes. I will probably purchase smaller bra and shirt too for exercising! TMI, sorry.

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