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Shanny, I'm not really sure I have great advice because I am right there with you but I wanted to try to lend some support!

I definitely obsess about food, over eat, think about food, think about what to cook etc allllll the time. In general I think you (and myself) just need to break the habit of obsessing about food. Even if I am obsessing about cooking healthy food, it shouldn't be what consumes me. It is very important to find healthy recipes you love and find those special go-to foods that you can whip up and know they are good for you (BEANS!) but somehow you have to turn that energy into something else, or direct it elsewhere.

Obsess over music instead, or knitting or exfoliating! Hah! I don't know. Whenever you start obsessing over food train your brain to think of something else. Do a crossword puzzle or something!

This might not be a good idea but you could even make a list of why you shouldn't eat or order a pizza or something. Maybe not a list but remind yourself, you're gonna hate yourself afterwards, what will I gain from this but weight and shame? Etc. Have a stern talking to - with yourself! and then go off and do something entirely different!

A lot of times I will remind myself "you have had enough pizza in this life time" or insert hamburgers, fries, chocolate, etc. Because it is so true. Pizza is great, I want it all the time. But I've had it, I know what it tastes like. Its OK if I don't have it today. I'm not saying I'll never have it again, but not today. I won't binge today.

I really don't know if this helped but wanted you to know that you are not alone! Hang in there! Or even better yet, when you want to binge, come to this board and support someone else in need or find a good healthy recipe to try tomorrow or look up a new exercise to try!
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