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Yikes! I just checked my old posts and I haven't been on 3 fat chicks since 2008! I am starting alternate day intermittent fasting today and confident this will work. I also avoid gluten and dairy, but that's another story.

For anyone interested I have a book on order by the premier researcher Dr. Krista Varady, titled The Every Other Day Diet. If you go into amazon, you can actually search the book. It sounds perfect for me. I am also ordering another one called The Alternate Day Diet, Revised by Dr. Johnson. I flirted with 5:2 and it kind of worked, but I'm reading fasting every other day really regulates your appetite, and I need that. I was starving on my 5:2 fasting days.

Right now I'm reading a little book I got off amazon for less than $7 which is awesome titled "Easy Alternate Day Fasting" By Beth Christian. This little book sums up everything you need to get started on alternate day fasting and I now consider it my little diet Bible.

Sorry to babble on and on about the books, but this time around I'm serious about fasting and getting healthier, and I'm glad there's an intermittent fasting forum here!

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