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Maxxy I stopped tracking after one year as I wanted to have faith in my ability to make good decisions. I really feel that over a month you'll eat the same things anyway, it's worked well for me. But I did track a year into maintenance. If you get the right tracker it remembers what you ate anyway, which is why I now know I generally eat the same things over a month.

Fitmom Wecome to almost Maintenance! 16% body fat, WOW!!

maile Yay for your son coming to visit, I'm off to my mama's on the 23 and returning the 27...pretty excited to hang out with her and even go to church with her (my annual visit it seems LOL). I don't have my tree up either and I'm stressed about it. But I don't think it will go up for the first time in my LIFE, we are in basement renos and there is just NO room VIP said "put it where the trunk is" I said "then where do we put the trunk?!". If it was warmer (we're in a deep freeze right now) I'd have some little stuff out to make it festive but it's too cold to go into the garage even. Have fun trimming the tree!

DRegan Mentioned to my mom that I might ask VIP for a fitbit and she said "ummm don't bother" which means it's under the tree! I will still ask for a garmin for my bday as as soon as this baby is out I'm starting my running program again.

sunnymae WELL DONE on your reboot! I spied an oatmeal packet I didn't know I had and thought "ooo, I have rhubarb in the freezer". It might actually become an evening snack within the next two weeks.

This learning to 'graze' is for the birds, I miss my three meals and one snack. I cannot eat a full meal (ALREADY) so I'm splitting everything up and although I'm eating a normal amount it just feels like I'm eating all the time (every 1-2 hours), I'm feeling good enough to have worked out three times last week and already got three times in this week. I bought some pregnancy videos and VIP rolled his eyes and said "they saw you coming" to which I said "watch it, if it makes me happy then it should make you happy" LOL I am sad that I had to stop running but 'que sera sera', I'm just trying to maintain a fitness level now and keep the weight gain to a minimum but yet still 'gain'. Hard mindset to get into (although I'm in it!) when I spent so long losing and being SO mindful of the number on the scale. My doc is happy with what I'm doing, should I call that a NSV or a PV? lol

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