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Morning ladies,

Love the Mel tags Laura. Good choice!

Annie - that is really sad news about your niece. And with such a tiny one to watch over. I send healing prayers her way. Geez, what's in the water out your way? Sorry to hear of so much illness. Stay strong and help the others to do the same I guess if I had short legs like Sassy (who by the way makes my stubs look like Vicky's Secret models ) - I would be hating on the snow and cold weather too. We are sitting in a blanket of frozen snow ourselves - DH said this morning we will probably have this stuff sticking around until March of next year. What a depressing thought! But then again I am starting to forget how living in a place that was warm year round had it's own set of problems and annoyances so nothing is perfect. Unless we got to live in Hawaii

Ceejay - I agree, it's nice to change out the decorations occasionally. I hope you find more fiber optic trees.

Laura - hope you have a nice weekend and a good getaway for the vow renewal ceremony. I think the weather is supposed to hold up for travelling or was it today that you were supposed to get snow again? Be safe!

Shad - reading your comment on the workplace from your last post, does anyone ever embrace the new ways or do they just continue to struggle and ignore things until they finally realize that resistance is futile??? I certainly don't envy your herculean task of educating the unwilling After this you should get a job with preschoolers - should be easy peasy with all your patience through the years. Thank you for the Mel memories - you have picked out some that just bring her back into my heart

Hello to the rest of the Worldlies

I need to get myself together. We went looking for a tree yesterday and didn't see anything I liked in the way of trees or decorations here so we will expand the search today. And to your question - Laura - I do have decorations here in the house. A small - 3 foot - fiber optic tree I have used for a couple of years now when I wanted no fuss decorating. I also have my big white fancy tree that looks department store window glorious and takes me 2 to 3 days to decorate it. That's the tree you have to put up right at Thanksgiving because for so much work, you want to look at it a long time. What I would really like to find is the box I had up in my attic that is somewhere in one of the super cold garages outside. That has my favorite ornaments I have collected through the years from my very first Christmas tree. It has a lot of one of a kind stuff. DH was not fond of the hodge podge look and that's when I relented one year with the white fancy, pantsy tree. If nothing comes out of today's search, I might do the white one provided I can find the tree stand.

Anyway - have a good one everyone. I will try and get back later.
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