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Hi Turtles,
Glad to see us chiming in!
We're all doing the best we can.
I like the ideas you're putting forth.

As for me, last week I didn't WI because we had eaten out at least 5 times or at parties------I knew I'd have a gain but it would be temporary since I ate well at all those places. Today I was so happy because I was down 1.2#
and am the closest to my starting week Sept. 2012. Two more pounds to go and I'll be at my starting point. Doesn't that sound weird? Well, it's been a **** of a year and bad news keeps pouring in, so I am happy that I lost weight.

Sending good cheer and kindness to all the Turtles! Keep it up gals.
Onward and Downward as we say.
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