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Morning all,

Mel Moment from the past. I was heading out of the house to make my pilgrimage back to Mom's for Christmas and was having trouble posting my goodbye and Christmas wishes for y'all here. So I asked Mel to pass it along. She responded - "...i sent your undying love to all the chicks !! i had a terrible time last night too. took forever. i just kept loggng on with each tv commercial!! God forbid i should miss a christmas movie!! roflmao"

Geez how that woman loved her Hallmark Christmas channel movies

Geez it's cold out there. Minus 9, feels like 21 below with the wind and the sun is full on shining. Would probably be 40 below if it was cloudy out. The Christmas tree will have to wait until tomorrow when it climbs back up to at least zero. I am at the computer next to my trusty personal heater, one cat is snuggled deep in the comforter, the other is curled as tight as she can against DH's legs as he sits in the recliner reading a book. It's so cold out I don't even see the animals looking for food. Except maybe the chickadees - nothing seems to deter them but then when you get your meals one seed at a time, I guess eating is a long process

I'm going to make the chicken wild rice soup, clean up a bit and maybe do some Christmas cards. I should also dig out the garland and lights and do up the railing leading up to my loft. I love how that looks at night all lit up.

Laura - bummer on losing the post - hate when that happens Glad you found something at another store. I like Annie have some jewelry - both costume and good stuff and would be willing to lend it out if we were closer. I've seen some commercials on TV for the colored diamonds with pretty jewelry but let's be honest, up here you don't need much in the way of jewelry here - in fact, a lot of people don't even bother with wedding rings although I don't subscribe to that one myself. As Annie said - we can pool our stuff at the commune. I have enough fleece tops to clothe you all - pants are optional and your own problem

Ceejay - sounds like things are pretty routine back at the work front. Are you working the holidays? Do they have any company parties?

Hello to Annie and the boofheads at work Doesn't that just describe it perfectly? How is your foot and knee doing? I know what you mean about falling - I have to admit I have adopted that stiff legged gait because I am nervous about not so much falling as much as tearing something up as I twist like a cat to try and stay upright. I already have a weak nerve spot on my back from doing just that. As to your question about the thrift shop - we pay a small amount for rent - which is pretty much covers just the cost to heat and provide power to the place - the rest all goes to the animal shelter. It's interesting to see the creative ways they come up with to bring in money this time of year with fewer tourists and donations coming in. Animals need to eat, shelter needs to be heated every day whether money comes in or not. That's why on low earning days like I had last week, I throw a few extra bucks in the till. We are doing ok this month, we have a lot of cute gently used or even new Christmas stuff which is bringing in money. I think January through April are going to be some pretty lean months. Have you started or finished your Christmas shopping for the kids yet?

Shad - 8 floors up in your new flat? Sounds like you got the bell tower suite Actually it reminds me of Madcat's old place with the street noises and such. Is this the place that is nearer to the markets? I'm sorry but your card will be an email this year also. With you shifting about for work and me having to remember to mail your card by our Halloween in order to get it to you on time, it's more than my simple head can deal with. So ... without giving away plot lines, how did you like season 4 of Downton Abbey? Rumour has it they twisted a few things around - was it successful or one of those "why did you go and ruin a good thing?" things? I agree that Maggie Smith is one of the most charming and interesting characters in the series and she plays the role as if she was born for it. Thanks for identifying the location of Mel's red book. I just realized that poor Jen has got to clean and shift her own apartment as well as Mel's. She will be busy AND tired I'm sure. I need to get a card out to her.

Michelle - at least with something to do right now it takes away from the frustration of waiting on phone calls. I agree with you on the government paperwork. When I was working for the Census, each enumerator had to fill out 14 - yes FOURTEEN pages of forms. And as the training supervisor I had to sign each and every one of them. Talk about major hand cramps! I am a stickler about a legible signature but in the end it became a scribble at best since they would not let me use a stamp. So much red tape! Do you have to get fingerprinted too as part of the background check?

Hi Susie

Time to go nudge the sleep kitties Later chicks.
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