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Hey Barri!!!!!
Glad you're back but feel really bad that you injured your back! I hope you get back up soon and to your regular self in no time!

I think that's a great idea to give yourself a jumpstart.... we all need one! I think it will be very motivating for you and keep you on track.
I've only ever done LAWL and it's worked for me (when I'm on it). I can't speak for WW or IP or anything else.... I'm sure they work as well. I guess you have to figure out which one is best for you to achieve the results you want.... now and in the long run.

I know, from personal experience, that LAWL has worked for me two times now. I reached my goal and then my centre closed down. I ended up gaining almost all the weight back and vowed never to go there again. That's when i started losing really religiously last September... 2012. I reached my goal (and then some) by mid-February and mid April (after a holiday). I felt great!!!
There aren't enough words to describe the liberating feeling. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to teach myself how to stabalize..... I had so many gatherings to attend to. Then summer hit and I was even more busy.
I didn't care... I ate what I wanted to and weighed myself everyday to keep myself in check. I hovered around 4 lbs above my goal weight and had a fanctastic summer! The freedom to eat what I wanted and the enjoyment to buy clothes I liked that looked great on me and made me feel even better.
Unfortunately, my weight started to go up around mid August. I kept it in check and didn't let it go above a certain number. I've been up and down since. I've tried the TO and had great success but, of course, everything went up in smoke the minute we had to go out of town for family gathering that was not expected. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered to do the TO. Oh well. There has been quite a few more gatherings since and I've gotten to the point that I might as well wait until after the holidays to do something about my weight. I've got so many invites.....
I will watch what I'm going to eat and not go overboard... hopefully. But I think, right now, for me it's better to wait until i have finished with the parties! lol

Barri: be careful when you start your DVD. Take it easy and slowly at first... you don't want to add any extra strain on your back.
Take care and keep posting. Let us know how IP is going for you!

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