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Good morning to you all. It is chilly outside this morning and not going to warm up a whole lot. A least it is dry until tomorrow then we are going to get rain again and of course I have dr's appt the next two days.

Thomas's concert was great and my grandson even had a solo. It wasn't very long, but he did terrific. I posted it on my FB if you would like to hear it. They didn't seem to have as many this year as last year when we couldn't find seats at all. They did split the bands and the choirs so that not all of them sat out in the auditorium at the same time, but they still took up one whole section of the church. We enjoyed it very much and it wasn't all that long about 90 minutes.

I got my shoes last night and one pair I am returning to the store tomorrow and the other I will probably keep and wear even though they are a bit big. I think the next size down will be too small and they are comfortable and have slip and oil resistant grip on the bottom, which is good for me. They are basic black shoes so I can wear them with dress pants or jeans.

I have her mitten more than halfway done so I imagine I can finish it today. I would like to mail them out to her tomorrow when I go to the post office and get Christmas stamps and mail my niece's package.

I ordered this beautiful periwinkle colored yarn that is silk for my sleeveless sweater. I am going to use the old yarn I bought and didn't have enough of from last year to make something else or several something elses. I made sure I had enough of this yarn to make the sweater so in case it sells out I can finish the sweater and shouldn't run out of yarn.

Maggie: Glad Will likes his Christmas present. I still have all of Thomas's presents to wrap but did wrap Tom's parents present and took it with me to the concert and gave it to her last night. Her husband wasn't well enough to go. Since I buy most of the stuff with my card, seems mine gets compromised more, but our bank is johnny on the spot about replacing the funds and fixing everything. We have been with them for over 20 yrs and never been disappointed. We have our car loan and our regular credit card with them too.

Well girls, Jack will be up soon and I have to test my blood this morning. Have a wonderful middle of the week. Faye
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