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S/C/G: 175/166/135

Height: 5'3


USER NAME: Samm14 REAL NAME: Samantha (Samm)


LOCATION: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

AGE: 35

MARITAL STATUS: Engaged!! Wedding Date: May 2014

PETS: 1 dog - Charlie Sheen and 1 cat - Dennis Quaid

WORK: I'm a Front Office Manager

HOBBIES: Reading, Writing, Hanging out with friends

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Jogging, Walking the dog

FAVORITE FOODS: OMG! I love chewy candy and banana popsicles....also nachos and quessadillas....and bbq peanuts and fudge....ummm....I should stop now....

CHALLENGES: My biggest challenges are eating out of boredom or not being properly prepared (meaning eating out of the vending machine at work)....but this is changing!!

WHY SOUTH BEACH: I was looking for a lifestyle and not another diet. I was desperately in need of a change in my life and South Beach has been exactly what I was looking for!

REASON FOR WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT: I want to fit back into my old clothes!!!!
Start Weight: 175.0lbs (November 26th, 2013)
Current Weight: 162.0lbs
First Goal: 157.5 (10% of starting weight)
Second Goal: 147.5 (20% of starting weight)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 135lbs

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