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Good morning to you all. Don't know what was going on with me yesterday. I had a fever of 101 and just felt awful. I went to bed at 6 PM and slept until I heard Jack get up and go to the bathroom around 3 then went back to sleep until he got up at 5. I feel fine so far this morning.

Tonight is Thomas's winter concert so will pull out the Christmas sweater to wear. I have a cute black one with a little white snowman and little sparkles all over it. I think it is one of those from QVC, the Quacker Factory ones.

I had Alicia's other mitten completely done except the thumb and noticed I goofed and knitted the left hand glove again so had to tear the whole glove out! I am back to the cuff and starting over, but this time I am paying attention and knitting the right handed one. On mitten with no pattern they are interchangeable, but with pattern you have right and left and I guess I was so zoned yesterday I didn't pay attention to it.

I am expecting a new visa check card today from my bank. Someone charged some stuff from Sephora on it and I know I didn't so again had to cancel the card and get another one. They do send it FEDEX two day so you get it pretty quickly. I have to wait until the authorization posts before I can make out a fraud charge and get my money back though. It is still showing authorized only so maybe it is a mistake that will drop off, who knows. I am such a tiger about watching my bank account. I check it everyday and balance everyday just so we don't have major problems.

My blood glucose continues to be way into the normal range so I am hoping I won't have to continue on the insulin for very long and just take the oral meds for awhile. I am convinced it was the hormones as I have had pasta and lo mein and other things that are carb heavy, though not all at once. The night I had pasta and I checked my blood sugar the next morning my reading was 82 so who knows? I just know I am not having the incontinence problems or any of the other stuff when I was on those darn pills. My female stuff has stopped again too, which is nice. I haven't heard from the doctor's office though so if I don't hear from them by the end of the month I will call his scheduling nurse and see what is up.

Jean: We have warmed up a few degrees over freezing now so that is better than it was, but still below what we usually are this time of year. I don't care too much as long as there isn't snow and ice I have to deal with walking. We used to have copy problems all the time at the law firm. I think it is because the darn things were used so much. They finally moved them up onto another floor and all the copying was done by people that were hired specifically for it. I think they had 6 copy machines up there and assorted other things like fax machines and such. I worked up there overtime sometimes when the drunk manager didn't come into work. Mainly I answered the phones at her desk and did her job. She would come to work wreaking of booze everyday.

Well girls, I really want to get work done. You all have a great day today. Faye
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